New York Earthquake Inspires Tattoo

If you live in the northeastern part of the United States, you definitely remember the earthquake that hit on Tuesday afternoon. “My whole shop [Citizen Ink Studios in Sheepshead Bay] was swaying back and forth,” said Joe Khay to the NY Daily News. “We thought we were hung over or something.”

“So then we check Facebook to find out what’s going on. Within 10 minutes, it went from ‘There was an earthquake’ to ‘Oh, my God, we’re evacuating the country!'”

Khay thought it was funny how people were making such a big deal out of such a minor thing. He quickly sketched up the above tattoo and posted it to his Facebook page and within minutes, one of his regular customers called and requested the design. Jonathan Berg, 21, is pictured above with his brand new tattoo.

Would you ever get a tattoo as a joke?

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