Newest Video Game: 007 Legends

Take a trip back in time, while celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the immaculate James Bond franchise with the newest addition, 007 Legends. Coming out in October, this video lets your remember all the best Bond’s by bedbug sort of a collection of the best movies. 

007 Legends includes 5 of the best Bond movies, their villains, and their schemes. As you are accompanied by a capable side kick, you go on these five missions to once again defeat the reigning bad guys. Inked mag was able to watch a few levels on one of the five missions, Moonraker. With incredible graphics and new gadgets like a dart gun that either kills, puts to sleep or just distracts, there is no way that you won’t be impressed by this game of stealth.

Allowing you to basically play the type of game that you want, you can choose between being an undercover creeping spy, or and guns in the air, everyone is going down spy. With a radar watch that tells you how many enemies are in the next room, and the iconic Bond gun, you will save the day, one mission at a time.

Check out the screens shots below, and be sure to reserve your copy to the most interesting and best 007 to date!

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