Nilsa: Out Of Reach

Nilsa. It’s probably a name that you will want to become acquainted with. The lyrical songbird from Queens, New York recently dropped her first EP and it’s nothing short of inspiring. Nilsa says, “‘Out Of Reach’ was inspired by a feeling many of us already know: heartbreak. The feeling of complete desperation of being truly in love with another person and after giving yourself completely to them they still are, out of reach.”

Born into a family that loved music. Nilsa was naturally drawn to it. At two years of age, she discovered Michael Jackson and was so inspired by his music that she had him inked on the inside of her left arm. “It was through him that I discovered that music is what I would want to do for the rest of my life,” she says of the late musician. Also donning two Beatles inspired tattoos, it’s safe to say that the songstress is both committed and inspired by the music that seemed to fill her home as a child.

Her favorite track? “I’d have to say that my favorite song on this album is definitely the title track, Out Of Reach. It’s definitely the most personal to me,” she says. “It was inspired by conversations that I would have with one of my best friends, Jill, who was in a similar place. I kind of wrote it as our own little anthem. It’s probably the song that I’m the most proud of.”

And while the road that led to this EP might not have been an easy one, with heartbreak and hard work and a lot of mixed emotions along the way, Nilsa managed to turn a broken heart into a compilation of beautiful, soulful songs. Out Of Reach will be available on iTunes, CD,, Facebook, and can be streamed on spotify.

“When I’m not singing,” she says, “you can find me doing freelance make up work, gallivanting around Manhattan, listening to vinyls, or having some type of experience that will inspire me. I’m always looking for inspiration in everything that I do.”

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