No One Deserves to Die Ad Campaign

Have you been riding public transportation, seen these aesthetically pleasing but incredibly depressing posters and been confused? Well you are not alone but, don’t worry, they are for a good cause. Several different versions of this ad campaign have been hung around the most people populated places like movie theaters, transit stations and of course social media sites.  Included in this campaign, is a picture of a heavily tattooed man, which specificallyinterests us here at Inked. Lung Cancer Alliance’s explained in their media release:

“No one deserves to die from lung cancer; not cat lovers, not hipsters, the tattooed, not the one in five patients who has never smoked, or the three in five who have already quit, or the one in five who has been unable to quit. No one.

Breaking down the stigma barrier opens the door for a more constructive public discussion on how to reduce lung cancer’s mortality rate and all the tools are in place to do just that.”

What do you think of the ad? Does it produce the right emotions? Will this help with the stereotypes or prevent people from smoking? Let us know, and check out the other photos below.

To learn more about the campaign, checkout Lung Cancer Alliance’s facebook page and website.


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