Olympic Tattoos Are The Trend In London

Forget swimming and gymnastics- the buzz around London are the tattoos being sported by the competing Olympians.
Local tattoo shops in the host city are reporting a boost in business by the athletes and those involved in the events. The signature rings are the tattoo of choice for those coming in to get a permanent piece of Olympic history on them.
Popular American swimmers and gold medalists Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps both have the Olympic rings inked on their bodies. Fellow swimmer and golden girl Missy Franklin, 17, has expressed that she wants to get the rings tattoo when the Olympics end.
Some British athletes decided that their hometown pride would be a great idea for an Olympic tattoo. Scott Maclaren of Fulham Tattoo Center said, “We did the Team GB lion logo on two athletes who came in on opening ceremony day.”
It sounds like a tattoo is the best accessory next to a gold medal.

Source: Washington Post

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