PlayStation Holiday Preview 12′

As summer is slowly slipping from our fingers, the seasons for buying other people gifts is racing upon us. So we at Inked will graciously provide you with some early options that you should start thinking about as presents for your loved ones or people who you have to get presents for, and then you can take them for yourself. We recently attended the PlayStation Holiday Preview and have come up with a bunch of ideas, especially for those video game/technology savvy type of people.

PlayStation Vita: It’s become completely necesasry for those who love technnology and video games to cop one of these. They are becoming so intertwined with all things playstation, and willnhave more than 100 titles avaliable before the new year. A lot of them that can be played with the PS3, so think of it like an investment.

Sound Shapes (PS3 and Vita)
: For the wannabe musician who doesn’t have access to real life instruments, this is your calling.  In this game, you are able to compose music by your actions on every level. It’s actually really interesting how challenging and unique this game is. With real new music by Beck and deadmau5, Sound Shapes is really for everyone. The best part about this game is that you are able to create your own levels, which is a rare thing to come by. Pick up this game if you want to be challenged and maybe even inspired at the same time.  Out August 7th!

Little Big Planet (Vita): The famous Little Big Planet is back again and now able to be cross-overed onto Vita. With the same kind of format, you can now do multiply play and cross controller with the Vita. There are 3 addition levels and players can create their own levels, talk about freedom.

Madden 13′ (PS 3 and Vita)
: With Calvin Johnson on the cover, you know that this is going to be a bomb game. It’s like all your old maddens, but better and definitely purchase worthy. Featuring more than 200 new cut scenes in-between plays, better passing, better/ more specific pump fakes and better receiving. You will be impressed. Out August 28th

Unfinished Swan (PS3 with Move): Turn an incomplete world inside out as you explore the land with only paintballs and jumping. As you are chasing a runaway swan through an unfinished kingdom, you run into surreal and unusual people and places. Realistically this video game is all about Ink, so of course we are interested.

Check out the video of Sound Shapes below, and let us know; which one will you be buying?

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