Recap: the Ink Master Finale

If you missed the season finale of Ink Master, you missed classic reality-show suspense, drama, and gory tattoos (ok, that last one might just apply to this reality show, but it would totally make us watch Real Housewives). 

Because everyone loves to watch sore losers, the live finale welcomed back all the eliminated contestants. The show then surprised everyone with the revelation that the audience would choose one of the losing contestants to return for season three. 

The three remaining artists – Sarah, Sebastian, and Steve – had been sent home to work on a final tattoo of their choosing. After three 6-hour sessions in their hometown studios, the contestants appeared on the finale with canvasses in tow. 

Though all three artists received both praise and criticism for their last pieces, Steve garnered the “Ink Master” title, along with a feature in Inked and $100,000. 

Steve, who described his style as “black and grey, macabre, horror, creepy, gory, nasty-lookin’, satanic, devils – if it’s eating something, I wanna do it,” had opted for a signature black and grey back tattoo as his last piece. The tattoo portrayed a woman emerging from a skull to become an angel. 

As for the audience’s pick to return come season three, Tatu Baby won out. 

Expect to see more of Tatu Baby, along with new competition, on next season’s Ink Master, and look for a spread featuring season-two winner Steve Tefft in the coming issues of Inked!

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