Sailor Jerry’s 2012 Inked Girls of Florida Search

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and Inked Magazine announce the search for the 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar Girl!

INKED is looking for gorgeous tattooed women who embody the taste and spice of Sailor Jerry for their 2012 Calendar. You don’t need to have any professional modeling experience, but you do need to be at least 25 years of age by September 7th, 2011, have some beautiful ink and a smile to match. If you are under 25 (but over 21 since the events are at bars), please show up anyway to have your casting photos taken for potential shoots for Inked Magazine.

The winners of the Sailor Jerry 2012 Calendar Girl Search will be featured in a month in the calendar.

RSVP to Our Creative Director, Todd Weinberger, will be in attendance, and although it seems like a large casting call, if you want a shot at the calendar or to be in Inked, this is the step you need to take. Also, please take some time to fill out the Model Release Form and Casting Sheet prior to your arrival.

*Please wear a bikini under your clothing. You do not have to get dolled up for this, just come natural.

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