Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 Dazzles

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is another innovation that has recently debuted from the Samsung Galaxy family, and like its relatives, it holds a lot of promise. This new 1280×800 pixel resolution display tablet goes hand in hand with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, but what the S4 lacks, the Note 8.0 makes up for. With an incredible S-Note application, all ideas, drawings, designs, and to-do lists are neatly stored and organized within one of the tablet’s major display screens. The actual design functions of the Note 8.0 really help boost it high above its competitors. With virtual markers, colored pencils, and paintbrushes that look like the real deal, the Note 8.0 creates an on-the-go artist’s dream note pad. Aside from a mere design function, this tablet also takes great photos and videos with high resolution and clarity. Though the photo functions are not as advanced as the S4, some of the effects, such as cartooning reality, are pretty creative and fun to use. The most intriguing thing, however, has to be the Note 8.0’s S-Pen stylus. It incorporates hover technology to read the location of the stylus and give brief previews to applications it hovers over. The S-Pen can be turned into a virtual pen rather than a touch screen applicant, thus allowing the user to take notes directly on any given screen, including a webpage, and it is conveniently stored within the tablet itself. Equipped with an eye-gaze detector, smart remote and WatchOn functionality, and all of the Google internal applications the Samsung Galaxy lines always bring, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is an extremely well functioning tablet and delivers on all the hype that surrounds it.

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