Shop Offers Coffee With A Side Of Tattoos

Care for a tattoo with your morning brew? If you visit Dragonfly With Coffee In Love, you’ll get just that. The Malaysian-based cafe has been serving up coffee, ink, and piercings for a little over a month and has been getting warm responses from visitors.


Helen Hew, the shop’s co-owner, said, “We may be new but we are surprised that we have quite a strong following. Even people who do not want tattoos come in here for a cuppa.” Hew took a barista class in Sydney, Australia two years ago and was looking for a way to “merge the two loves of my life.”


Hew and co-partner Mabel Phang are no strangers to the tattoo business. They opened their first shop in 1997 and a second one five years later. While Hew tends to customers at Dragonfly, Phang runs one of their outlets (however not serving coffee).


The store has a vintage vibe with old furniture and graffiti-strewn walls, which come straight from Hew. “It is really a mix of everything which gives this place the unique impression,” she said.


Customers getting a tattoo done at Dragonfly receive a free coffee, which is made by an independent Australian roaster chosen for the shop specifically by Hew. “They do it out of passion,” she says of the roaster, “Just like me.” 


Dragonfly’s menu of custom coffee and ink is definitely something to be passionate about.


Source: The Star Online

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