Supra Collaborates with Lil Wayne on Spectre Series Shoes

Lil Wayne is always expanding his horizons, and now the rapper has embarked on a collaborative effort with Supra Footwear to create a new sneaker line called Spectre. The first shoe released is the Chimera, which hit stores officially in mid May. This high top sneaker comes with a distinctive ribbed heel design, stash pocket in the tongue, and a good amount of padding throughout, making it just a little bulky to wear. Light and very comfortable, the sneaker is complete with the characteristic Suprafoam midsole. You can find the Chimera in 3 color styles: a very bold black and red; a class red, white, and black combo; or the questionable combination of grey, pink, and turquoise. The Chimera is out now and holds a lot of promise for the rest of the upcoming Spectre line.

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