Real-Life Peter Pan and Wendy Live Happily Ever After

September 14 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Andrew and Hali Ducote have managed to live every fairy tale romance a couple could dream. High school sweethearts? Check. Love story like the movies? Check. A (FREE) perfect wedding? Check. The couple began dating when they… [ read more ]

Tattoos of Bill Murray

September 30 2014

Bill Murray is one of the most iconic actors of today.  He has starred in numerous dramas and comedies that have led to some of the most memorable and lovable characters from the big screen.  Whether he is stuck repeating… [ read more ]

Kristen Stewart Get Tattooed

June 25 2013

Kristen Stewart may have completed her role as Bella in the Twilight series, but she has just started her journey into the world of tattoos. Several days ago, the star was spotted in Nashville’s Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor getting… [ read more ]

Ryan Gosling- Heart throb and tattoo artist?

May 24 2013

Ryan Gosling is the face of romance starring in the infamous movie The Notebook as well as Crazy Stupid Love. Unfortunately, his tattooing skills are not as desirable as his acting talents. Gosling bought a tattoo kit and attempted to… [ read more ]

Angelina Jolie- Sex icon with tattoos to Mastectomy

May 17 2013

Always being an empowered woman and inspiration to others, Angelina Jolie shares some intimate information with the public. Back in her bad girl days, Jolie always shared her body art with the public and today is no different in sharing… [ read more ]

Amanda Seyfrieds Quirky Side and Unusual Tattoo

May 14 2013

When we think of Amanda Seyfried, a beautiful blonde bombshell comes to mind along with Dear John and Mama Mia. Seyfried started as a model at 11 years old and today is known for her acting talents. Had it not… [ read more ]

Channing Tatum’s matching tattoos with wife, Jenna Dewan

May 9 2013

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan met on the set of Step Up and married shortly after in 2009. Their honeymoon in Bali took a turn for the worst when both fell ill with food poisoning. To commemorate the experience the… [ read more ]

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