Insane Rock Album Art & New Crobot Album

September 29 2016

If you have been within five blocks of the Inked office you have heard Crobot’s new album “Welcome to Fat City” because we have been blasting it all week, with no intent of stopping. Fat City is an upbeat metal rocker with… [ read more ]

Comic: Why You Should Always Encourage an Artist

September 16 2016

Here’s a wonderful comic about why you should always encourage artists. In our world there are so many struggling tattoo artists and other artists who need a little bit of a push to realize their potential. Yes, there’s a bunch of… [ read more ]

High Contrast Tattoos

September 12 2016

Combining colors in tattoos can be tricky, too many darks and your tattoo will look like a blotch too many not-so-carefully selected colors and it can look like a colorful blotch. Either way if you want a statement piece that… [ read more ]

Loveable Cartoon Characters Gone Wicked

September 8 2016

Dennis Carlsson is a Swedish tattoo artist but he also creates wicked horror imagery including this set that turns Tigger, Pooh, Piglet, Tweety, Shrek and more into wild beasts. His incredible art kicks your childhood right in the balls.

Don’t Tattoo Your Baby!

August 29 2016

Jason Clay Lewis got our attention by tattooing this baby. It is quite the jarring image, right? The artist used the bizarre canvas he calls the “Drill Baby” to get our attention about last year’s BP oil spill in the Gulf… [ read more ]

The Creepy Carvings of Maskull Lasserre

August 15 2016

At first look you see nothing more than a destroyed piano, which is pretty cool in and of itself. But look closer and you will see the brilliance of Maskull Lasserre’s art. Connecting the two massive pieces of piano is… [ read more ]

Insane 3D Calligraphy

August 9 2016

The art of Tolga Girgin is so great that it jumps right off of the page. OK, it may not be literally coming off the paper but it certainly looks like it is. Calligraphy is impressive enough on its own, doing… [ read more ]

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