In(k)fluential Art by Eisen Bernard Bernardo

March 16 2015

Eisen Bernard Bernardo is a graphic designer based in the Philippines who is best known for mashing up iconic magazine covers with classical works of art.  We saw his work floating around and became so enamored that we asked him to… [ read more ]

Timmy B Announces the 2015 Two of a Kind Art Project

March 11 2015

Stop! Collaborate and listen because Two of a Kind is back! 2014 saw the first ever large-scale collaborative tattoo art project, Two of a Kind.  Last year, Christa and Frank La Natra‘s tattoo studio, Into the Woods Gallery, hosted the… [ read more ]

Great Minds Think Alike

March 10 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this rather graphic piece by George Mavridis. Mavridis is based at Tattooligans in Thessalonike, Greece with a career in the industry that started in 1996. With almost two decades behind the needle, Mavridis is… [ read more ]

Tattoos Inspired by Michelangelo

March 5 2015

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, better known as simply Michelangelo, was one of the greatest painters and sculptors in art history.  Best known for his famous paintings that adorn the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo also created famous sculptures… [ read more ]

Can You See All Three Images Hidden In This Tattoo?

March 5 2015

Salvador Dali is one of the most influential surrealist painters in art.  His work (and mustache) have become iconic in the last century as well as extremely popular subject matters for tattoos.  When it comes to surrealism, Dali is the… [ read more ]

What Lies Behind Her Mask?

March 5 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this awesome full back piece by the talented Johan Finné.  Finné is currently based in Helsingborg, Sweden and has twenty years of experience in the industry.  Based at Evil Twins Heavenly Tattoo Studio, Finné has developed… [ read more ]

Only You Can Prevent Bad Tattoos

March 3 2015

As much as it pains us to say this, there are a lot of bad tattoos in this world. Just like snowflakes, each one is terrible in its very own and unique way. This is where we turn to you,… [ read more ]