Unauthorized Snowden Bust Leaves Mark Despite Short Life

April 6 2015

Visitors to Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn on Monday morning may have noticed something out of the ordinary as they passed the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument—a four-foot tall bust of Edward Snowden sat on top of one of the columns…. [ read more ]

Art By Filfury

March 31 2015

Meet Filfury.  He is by far one of the coolest artists you are going to come across this week. Based in the UK, this alternative artist is best known for his incredible animal morphs, in which he takes every day… [ read more ]

Kat Von D Responds to Controversial Lipstick Name

March 20 2015

Kat Von D is the most well known tattoo artist in the media of all time.  She has starred on two television shows, written three books, and inked countless numbers of celebrities and collectors with remarkable black and grey realism.   One… [ read more ]

If It’s Baroque, Don’t Fix It

March 20 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this amazing piece by Moni Marino.  Marino is one of the best known international artists out there.  Based in Germany, Marino has been tattooing since 1993 and eventually opened up Essen’s Black Barock Art… [ read more ]

Art for Ants by Lorraine Loots

March 16 2015

Lorraine Loots is a pretty unique artist.  Whereas most people talk about grand masterpieces when referring to large scale works of art, Loots’ aesthetic always took on a different nature.  Loots is best known for her miniature paintings and drawings…. [ read more ]

In(k)fluential Art by Eisen Bernard Bernardo

March 16 2015

Eisen Bernard Bernardo is a graphic designer based in the Philippines who is best known for mashing up iconic magazine covers with classical works of art.  We saw his work floating around and became so enamored that we asked him to… [ read more ]

Timmy B Announces the 2015 Two of a Kind Art Project

March 11 2015

Stop! Collaborate and listen because Two of a Kind is back! 2014 saw the first ever large-scale collaborative tattoo art project, Two of a Kind.  Last year, Christa and Frank La Natra‘s tattoo studio, Into the Woods Gallery, hosted the… [ read more ]

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