Make the Most of Your Snow Day

January 27 2015

Snow day! Wooohoooo! Thanks to winter storm Juno most of the northeastern part of the United States is enjoying a snow day today. Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and enduring a harrowing commute full of people… [ read more ]

Are Those Tattoos Real?!

January 22 2015

Sometimes we take a look at some ink and our mouth drops wide open as we exclaim, “Are those tattoos real?!” Well, we hate to break it to you, but the tattoos in this list aren’t real. But we really… [ read more ]

Art by Salavat Fidai

January 22 2015

Salavat Fidai is a multimedia artist, sculptor and photographer with an edgy aesthetic and a love for the unconventional.  His works range from originals done in oil on canvas to recreations of famous paintings on pumpkin seeds.  Some of his… [ read more ]

The Re-imagined Zodiac: What’s Your Sign?

January 16 2015

We’ve all seen horoscopes and been asked “What’s your sign?”  Your typical answer is probably something like “I’m a cancer, which I think is a crab.” or “Virgo, like Beyonce.” However, multi-media artist Damon Hellandbrand wanted to put a spin on… [ read more ]

Stop! Collaborate and Listen

January 15 2015

So you want to get a new tattoo?  Right now you’re probably scouring Instagram trying to find that perfect artist with a one of a kind style to fit the ideas in your head for your next piece. Except maybe… [ read more ]

Epic Portal Wedding Cake

January 12 2015

When it comes to weddings, typically we expect to see a bride, a groom, and a big, elaborate wedding cake.  This couple, however, decided to amp up their nuptial dessert game by basing it off of the fan favorite video… [ read more ]

Dirty Cars Turned into Fine Art

December 26 2014

Where most people see a filthy mess that needs to be cleaned Scott Wade sees an empty canvas. Wade takes some of the dirtiest car windshields man has ever seen and draws masterpieces in the grime. After browsing this gallery… [ read more ]