Adorable Monsters by M.S. Corley

October 27 2015

After years of being terrified of monsters like Medusa, the Succubus, werewolves and vampires the drawings of M.S. Corley are making us rethink that position. The illustrator has been spending the month of October re-imagining all of history’s most famous… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Tattoos Spring to Life in ‘Ink Mapping’

October 23 2015

Everyone has gotten a chuckle when an old timer whips out his Sailor Jerry tattoo on his forearm and makes her “dance,” but what if that tattoo could actually come to life in full animation? Sounds impossible, right? Obviously you’ve… [ read more ]

Head Turning Skull Carvings by Aureus Arts

October 23 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Bone carving as been an ancient art form since the paleolithic era, when our ancient ancestors would carve intricate patterns into the bones of animals to be made into jewelry, clothing, battle gear, or cherished… [ read more ]

Halloween Nail Art by Ly

October 22 2015

If you’re a nail fanatic, holidays can be the best part of your year because they give you an excuse to give your manicure a festive flare. Hands down, Halloween is one of the most highly anticipated times and NailsByLy… [ read more ]

Disney Pinups by Virginie Siveton

October 19 2015

Virginie Siveton is a French illustrator that specializes in taking the wholesome images we know from pop culture, particularly from Disney movies, and twisting them into tattooed and gorgeous pinups. We love how she has taken very familiar characters, added… [ read more ]

The Unreal Custom Creations of Ekaterina Gakman

October 14 2015

With the rise of social media, everyone and their mother is sharing pictures of their adorable animals. Yet, while having a pet is wonderful, it can also be a big responsibility. Not to mention your opitions are pretty limited as… [ read more ]

Insane Pumpkin Carving

October 13 2015

Remember the first time you ever carved a Jack O’Lantern? I certainly do. I tried so hard to give him weird buck teeth and was absolutely heartbroken when I chopped right through one of them. Sure, now it looked like… [ read more ]

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