Warriors For Art

February 24 2015

Art has the power to change lives.  Whether it’s ink on your body forever inspiring you in life or a custom painting donated to help raise money for a good cause, art both brings people together and allows us to… [ read more ]

Unbelievable Portrait Murals by Guido van Helten

February 24 2015

Australian artist Guido van Helten has turned entire cities into picture albums thanks to his enormous murals. Van Helten has a style that brings to mind old photos from an era long before the invention of camera phones or selfies…. [ read more ]

Dystopian Decay: The Art of Scott G. Brooks and Jed Leiknes

February 20 2015

The flawed growth of nature or the post-mortem effects of corruption, which one do you find more intriguing?  This Saturday, February 21st, artists Scott G. Brooks and Jed Leiknes will both be hosting two solo art exhibitions at Paul Booth’s… [ read more ]

Fresh Paint: Anthony Clarkson

February 20 2015

There is something very alluring about dark art. No, not the evil magic you find in fantasy novels like Harry Potter, but real macabre, gothic, and horror-style works of art by artists fascinated with those subject matters. In this episode… [ read more ]

Finding the Beauty in Death

February 17 2015

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Paul Koudounaris has spent more time with the dead than with the living over the last decade. Koudounaris has spent his time documenting the one thing all humans share… [ read more ]

Art You Can’t Wait to Eat

February 16 2015

Nathan Shields thought of the best possible way to get his kids to eat their breakfast–by turning their boring old pancakes into works of art. Shileds came up with the idea for the art while on a trip to Saipan,… [ read more ]

Jon Mesa’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

February 13 2015

This year I have the good fortune to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my beautiful girlfriend and exploring one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, France. Valentine’s Day is usually a puzzling and nerve-racking day for most… [ read more ]

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