These Flipbooks Will Blow Your Mind

July 8 2015

Like many kids I used to spend hours and hours trying to make flipbooks. Despite all of my best efforts every one of them ended up looking much more like a disjointed surrealist film than the Looney Tunes animation I… [ read more ]

Preserved Tattoos

July 8 2015

Have you ever wondered if you could preserve your tattoos after you pass? Me either, until now. Thanks to the wonderful people at London’s Wellcome Collection and London’s Science Museum, we are able to see what tattoos from the early… [ read more ]

Rice Paddy Art

July 6 2015

For years we believed that the only two things rice was good for was eating (obviously) and throwing at weddings. Then we were introduced to the world of rice paddy art. By very carefully planting a few different varieties of… [ read more ]

Top 5 Sexiest Girls From Inked’s Australian Edition

July 1 2015

Sexy tattooed women can be found all over the world so sometimes it’s nice to check in with our foreign editions to broaden our horizons. These five beauties come to you straight from the pages of Inked Australia. Even if… [ read more ]

Tattooed Tapestries by Erin M. Riley

June 30 2015

Do you know what a loom looks like? Honestly, I think that for most of us the answer to that question is “no.” The tapestry has definitely gone out of favor as an art form but Erin M. Riley is… [ read more ]

Tattooed Wedding Cake Toppers

June 26 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Every wedding cake looks the same. A couple of tiers, icing, and a boring topper featuring a faceless couple that looks nothing like the people actually getting hitched. This has always irritated us and we thought… [ read more ]

Two Artists Make the Garbage Pail Kids Grow Up

June 8 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Like every other child who grew up in the 1980’s Garbage Pail Kids hold a special place in my heart. In fact, as I write this there is a “Stuck Chuck” GPK card staring at me…. [ read more ]

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