• Coffee Art

    We firmly believe that almost anything can be turned into a piece of art; skin, sidewalks and even the food we eat can be given an artistic flourish. The foam at the top of a latte offers up a fine… [ read more ]

  • The Art of Luis Portillo

    El Salvadorian Luis Portillo has found a muse in tattooed women. Here are women taken from nature and reproduced by his hand. Dita Von Teese Gangster Juice My Marilyn   Treat your tattooed muse by getting her this Vintage Darling… [ read more ]

  • Skulls Made From Food

    Dimitri Tsykalov has made a name for himself by making provocative art work from mundane items. In this gallery you can see a collection of skulls that the Russian born artist made out of fruits.

  • Thanksgiving Food Art

    That’s a rare bird. Fowl never looked so good. The bachelor’s Thanksgiving dinner. Ever wanted to dive into a big glass of red wine? From the mind of photographer Matthew Cardens.  Women’s Owl Tee by Akumu Ink   Available at… [ read more ]

  • Mr. Cartoon

    The most daunting aspect of getting a tattoo is committing to the idea of having one image etched into your skin forever. Artist Patrick Yurick had wanted a tattoo for a long time but was having trouble committing to just… [ read more ]

  • Excellent Hand Tattoos

    Why stop at a sleeve when you can get a sick looking hand tattoo like the ones pictured?  

  • Impressive Palm Tattoos

    We’d like to give a big high five to all of these sweet palm tattoos.