• Excellent Hand Tattoos

    Why stop at a sleeve when you can get a sick looking hand tattoo like the ones pictured?  

  • Impressive Palm Tattoos

    We’d like to give a big high five to all of these sweet palm tattoos.

  • Love the Hate Shoes

    Nothing goes better with leather and lace than some fresh ink. Oliver Sweeney shoes and celebrity tattoo artist Henry Hate are tying the knot with a limited time offer, for one-of-a-kind footwear. Choose any tan Oliver Sweeny shoe and then… [ read more ]

  • Cool Goalie Mask Art

    Once hockey goalies had grown tired of having their faces disfigured by the sport they played they started to wear masks. In order to replicate the same intimidating presence their scarred faces once gave they started to paint their masks…. [ read more ]

  • Amazing Back Pieces

    An incredible amount of time and dedication went into crafting each one of these amazing back pieces.

  • Amazing Skull Street Art

  • Banksy Takes Over New York City

    On his walk into our offices this morning Inked staffer Brian Toynes spotted a Banksy piece three blocks from our doors. He alerted the staff and we cleared out en masse to check out the art. We’ve seen his pieces… [ read more ]