The SuicideGirls Strike Back Against Richard Prince

May 27 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Artist Richard Prince is about to find out that the SuicideGirls are not to be trifled with. Earlier this week Prince—an artist whose name is almost always preceded by the word “controversial” in the press—made waves… [ read more ]

13 Sand Sculptures That Will Amaze You

May 18 2015

Beach season is almost upon us and you’re really going to have to step up your sand castle game if you hope to compete with these sculptures. These massive works of art could withstand a kick from even the mightiest… [ read more ]

Creepy Cakes from the Conjurer’s Kitchen

May 5 2015

If you thought that the only important thing about food was how it tastes you may as well click on the back arrow now. The presentation of food enhances the flavor tenfold, especially in the world of desserts. Annabel de… [ read more ]

11 Phenomenal Street Art Murals by Seth GlobePainter

April 27 2015

Julien Malland is a street artist who also goes by the name of Seth Globepainter. Recently the French artist spent some time in China, a country without an abundance of street art, and the work he has done is jaw-dropping…. [ read more ]

Funny Finger Art

April 24 2015

Creative and whimsical uses of fingers. From zombies to vampires to a loving couple these fingers come alive with a bit of imagination. Some are drawn on with marker and some painted on—we would really love to these turned into… [ read more ]

Unauthorized Snowden Bust Leaves Mark Despite Short Life

April 6 2015

Visitors to Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn on Monday morning may have noticed something out of the ordinary as they passed the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument—a four-foot tall bust of Edward Snowden sat on top of one of the columns…. [ read more ]

Art By Filfury

March 31 2015

Meet Filfury.  He is by far one of the coolest artists you are going to come across this week. Based in the UK, this alternative artist is best known for his incredible animal morphs, in which he takes every day… [ read more ]

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