Henna Heals

August 3 2015

Gallery Follows the Text There is something very special about the henna crowns that you are going to see in the gallery below. No, it’s not the artistry involved in creating them, although the artistry is clearly exceptional. It’s the… [ read more ]

Golden Skulls

July 31 2015

Billy Bogiatzoglou, more commonly known as Billelis, is an artist that you must know. We love skulls and he is catering to our whims with this amazing series entitled “Hope You Like Skulls.” In the gallery below you will see some… [ read more ]

The Animal Revolution is Nigh

July 27 2015

Caleb Brown‘s art comes from the same place where all of the best Syfy Channel movies come from—a world where animals have grown to epic proportions and wreaked havoc on humanity. Brown’s paintings are beautiful in a way that almost… [ read more ]

3D Nail Art

July 15 2015

French manicures and single tone nail colors are slowly fading away and a new nail art trend is on the rise. 3D nail art is literally popping up everywhere these days. You know, because it’s 3D. Check out this gallery… [ read more ]

Artist David Lopera Makes These Celebs Plus-Sized

July 13 2015

Artist David Lopera has been using photoshop to add pounds to the bodies of female celebrities. By doing the exact opposite of what most photo retouchers do, Lopera is making a statement about body image issues. Get a look at… [ read more ]

Top 10 Australian Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

July 13 2015

Instagram is filled with thousands of artists from around the world trying to get noticed; it’s the perfect medium for artists to spread their vision on a fast paced, and popular setting. One cool thing about Instagram is that it… [ read more ]

Body Art Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

July 9 2015

To me blacklights have always represented two things—”cosmic” bowling and hippies. Considering that I am not overly fond of either of those I pretty much dismiss the idea of blacklights ever being cool. Then I saw an collaboration between photographer… [ read more ]

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