Tattoo Art

August 14 2015

Long before tattooists posted all of their work on Instagram there was one way to judge their talent before the needle hit your skin—by checking out their flash. Artists would draw or paint designs on pieces of paper and hang… [ read more ]

A Body Modification Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen

August 14 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Even the most extreme body modifications, like split tongues for example, can become commonplace after a while. The first time it’s shocking, the second time surprising and by the fifth time it’s just another cool… [ read more ]

The Destructive Beauty of Wildfires

August 12 2015

The seemingly endless drought currently gripping California has spurned one of the more destructive wildfire seasons in years. The burning of the fires, and subsequently of people’s homes, is undoubtedly horrible but photographer Stuart Palley sees more than that. By… [ read more ]

Watch as This Drawing Terrifies Children

August 12 2015

Photo Gallery Follows Video and Text Stefan Pabst is one of the most talented artists that we have ever seen. The things that he paints and draws appear to literally leap off the page. When that image happens to be… [ read more ]

Insanely Realistic Drawings by Trafart

August 11 2015

Spanish artist Miguel Santiago, more commonly known as Trafart, is able to create magic with a set of colored pencils. While Trafart is a multi-skilled artist that dabbles in many mediums including oil painting and graffiti, it is his work… [ read more ]

Movie Villains Meet Pop Songs in These Mashups

August 10 2015

Even the most diabolical villains must like to get down to tunes, right? Of course they do. Even when you spend all of your waking hours plotting to take over the world you can still enjoy cranking up the stereo… [ read more ]

Taxidermy with a Twist

August 6 2015

We’ve all seen taxidermy in the past, usually in the form of a deer head mounted on a wall. Perhaps a stuffed bear if you’ve been hanging out in really exotic places. But we guarantee you have never seen taxidermy… [ read more ]

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