Tattooed Gang Members as Skin Rugs

August 19 2015

Renato Garza Cervera is an artist from Mexico City who has a pretty interesting mind. For instance, in this Of Genuine Contemporary Beast project he looked at a “bear skin rug” and saw a “bare skin rug.” For this project… [ read more ]

Unconventional Pencil Art

August 18 2015

Artists from around the world use different mediums when they want to create and bring their art alive. A common medium used are colored pencils. Meghan Maconochie, a teacher and part time artist from South Africa, has given us another way to… [ read more ]

Camouflage Body Painting

August 17 2015

Body painting is serious business and requires lots of time and patience. For some artists, body painting is a hobby, and for others, like Trina Merry, it is what they live and breathe.  From preparing performance art for top notch museums… [ read more ]

Tattoo Art

August 14 2015

Long before tattooists posted all of their work on Instagram there was one way to judge their talent before the needle hit your skin—by checking out their flash. Artists would draw or paint designs on pieces of paper and hang… [ read more ]

A Body Modification Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen

August 14 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Even the most extreme body modifications, like split tongues for example, can become commonplace after a while. The first time it’s shocking, the second time surprising and by the fifth time it’s just another cool… [ read more ]

The Destructive Beauty of Wildfires

August 12 2015

The seemingly endless drought currently gripping California has spurned one of the more destructive wildfire seasons in years. The burning of the fires, and subsequently of people’s homes, is undoubtedly horrible but photographer Stuart Palley sees more than that. By… [ read more ]

Watch as This Drawing Terrifies Children

August 12 2015

Photo Gallery Follows Video and Text Stefan Pabst is one of the most talented artists that we have ever seen. The things that he paints and draws appear to literally leap off the page. When that image happens to be… [ read more ]

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