• Love Lock: Cycle of Violence

    One of the goals of art is to leave the observer with an impression that stays with them long after viewing the piece. The best pieces of art leave a similar impression on the artist and will often change them… [ read more ]

  • Inked Professionals: The Glass Blower

    For those of us that hear “blowing glass” and automatically think of something Jesse Pinkman would partake in on Breaking Bad, we are in for a big surprise. Erin Krehel, lead glass blower at Hot Sand in Asbury Park NJ,… [ read more ]

  • Watermelon Carvings

    As a kid you were always told not to play with your food but we think that even the strictest parents would make an exception if you ended up making one of these amazing pieces of art. Even Gallagher would… [ read more ]

  • Hobo Nickels

    In the early 19th century people began to take small denomination coins, often nickels, and carve their own designs into them. The large face on the nickel combined with the soft silver that the coins were made out of made… [ read more ]

  • Watercolor Tattoos

    Some of the most inventive and creative tattoos being done these days are inspired by watercolor paintings. Many of the tattoos included in this gallery look as if they were just done on a canvas, it’s hard to believe that… [ read more ]

  • Inked’s Second Chance Gift Guide

    Christmas has come and gone and we’re sure that some of our more naughty readers woke up to stockings filled with coal. Never fear, you have a second chance to go out there and get the cool swag that Santa… [ read more ]

  • Best of Inkslingers

    Check out pictures from this amazing new book Inkslingers – Under the Skin from Gingko Press. Jacob Schultz interviewed some of the premier tattoo artists in the world so that they could share their insight on their craft in this beautiful… [ read more ]