Celebrities With Tattoos

More New Ink From Trace Cyrus

May 24 2012

Following a successful weekend at Bamboozle, Trace Cyrus returned home to L.A. where he added to his rapidly growing tattoo collection. While getting the other side of his head inked up last night, boxer Manny Pacquiao popped in to watch… [ read more ]

Travis Barker’s Third Tattoo in Three Weeks

May 22 2012

Barker is at it again this time putting finishing touches on his Jesus piece by Franco Vescovi.

The Cyrus Family Gets More Ink

May 10 2012

 The Cyrus family seems to love getting inked. Trace Cyrus, who is already heavily adorned,  recently posted a picture of the latest addition to his collection on Twitter. Although Cyrus already had a dove, two feathers and a diamond ring… [ read more ]

More New Ink on Travis Barker

April 30 2012

This past weekend drummer Travis Barker added to his rapidly growing collection of head tattoos. Last month we reported on Barker getting some finishing touches done on his Transplants band logo tattoo, and now he posted a photo on Facebook… [ read more ]

David Beckham Ad Pulled Due To Scandalous Tattoo

April 3 2012

People have been up in arms in the UK since Sainsbury, a supermarket chain, sent out publicity posters featuring soccer star David Beckham with a provocative tattoo of his wife. The poster, meant to encourage children to lead healthier and… [ read more ]

Russell Brand Reportedly Removes “Anuugacchati Pravaha” Tattoo

March 27 2012

Shortly after becoming engaged in 2010 Katy Perry and her now ex beau Russell Brand got matching sanskrit tattoos reading “Anuugacchati Pravaha” on their right arms. A year later we reported the couple getting even more ink together, Perry a… [ read more ]

Travis Barkers New Head Tattoo

March 13 2012

Everyone seems to be getting their heads tattooed this week.  Drummer Travis Barker recently had Mister Cartoon put the finishing touches on the Transplants band logo tattooed he has tattooed on his.  What do you think?