Celebrity Tattoo

London Reese Launches Backstage Ink

March 9 2015

All March long illustrative and color portraiture tattoo artist London Reese has been teasing his latest project, Backstage Ink, through his Instagram account.  Backstage Ink is a new video web series Reese has in the making that will give viewers at home a… [ read more ]

We’re Woo’d by Cara Delevingne’s New Tattoo

January 19 2015

Ever since Rihanna introduced Cara Delevingne to tattoo artist Bang Bang, it seems like the model known for her fierce brows has caught the ink bug.  Yesterday Delevingne debuted her latest addition to her collection via Instagram showcasing a dainty… [ read more ]

Drake’s New Tattoo Shows Some Hometown Pride

January 8 2015

Started in Toronto, now he’s here…with some brand new ink!  That’s right, according to Drake’s Twitter fan page, @WordOnRd, the rapper debuted a brand new tattoo filled with some Canada pride this week.   The tattoo is an abstract interpretation… [ read more ]

Coming Up Roses

December 16 2013

Jesy Nelson, one of the members of British pop group Little Mix, showed off a new tattoo when her band appeared on the cooking show Sunday Brunch this past weekend. The tattoo covers much of the singer’s inner arm from… [ read more ]

Kristen Bell’s Body of Lies

November 19 2013

A lot of people don’t know this, but Kristen Bell’s body is actually covered in tattoos. If you are curious what other celebrities would look like with tattoos check out this gallery of crazy photos. And if you want to… [ read more ]

Insane Abstract Art Tattoos

October 24 2013

Check out these insane abstract art tattoos!

Jesse Lee Denning – Christian Saint Photographer

October 24 2013

One of the most photographed tattooed models on the planet, Jesse Lee Denning, has never looked sexier than in her new pictures by Photographer Christian Saint for inkedmag.com.

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