Celebrity Tattoo

  • Justin Bieber’s new tattoo looking like ex Selena Gomez

    Are they or aren’t they? The latest question on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez whether or not they are reunited. Recently Selena Gomez was spotted in Oslo, Norway visiting Bieber on his “Believe” tour. Now to make matters even more… [ read more ]

  • Halle Berry’s tattoo of regret

    As a spokes model for the makeup brand Revlon most would not expect Halle Berry to have a tattoo. Her tattoo of regret is of her ex husbands name, David Justice, and is located on her right butt cheek. She… [ read more ]

  • Justin Bieber adds a Koi Fish to his family of tattoos

    Justin Bieber‘s new tattoo was first spotted last week at the backstage of his Copenhagen concert. An image of a Koi fish is located beside the owl and X tattoo on his forearm. The 19-year-old pop star now has over… [ read more ]

  • Johnny Depp’s meaning behind his finger tattoos

    Johnny Depp‘s tattoos of three small rectangles on his right index finger and the number 3 on his hand hold a special meaning to Depp. He describes the three rectangles as permanent phone doodles and that the number three is… [ read more ]

  • J.R. Smith is getting a new tattoo if Knicks win the championship

    A new form of celebration for J.R. Smith is getting new ink. If the Knicks win the championship title then Smith will get orange and blue ink. It has been 40-years since the Knicks have won their last title so… [ read more ]

  • Amber Rose inked with Wiz Khalifa’s face

    One way to express love and commitment is a tattoo. Amber Rose recently joined to Instagram to share her permanent love for Wiz Khalifa with her new tattoo of a detailed portrait of Wiz. She captioned the image with “True… [ read more ]

  • Christina Milian strategic with her tattoo placement.

    Actress and singer, Christina Milian has a method behind her tattoo choices. Her ink is placed on her hip and lower back, both not being typically exposed. On her back is a lion’s head in the middle of a crowned… [ read more ]