Celebrity Tattoo

J.R. Smith is getting a new tattoo if Knicks win the championship

April 22 2013

A new form of celebration for J.R. Smith is getting new ink. If the Knicks win the championship title then Smith will get orange and blue ink. It has been 40-years since the Knicks have won their last title so… [ read more ]

Amber Rose inked with Wiz Khalifa’s face

April 19 2013

One way to express love and commitment is a tattoo. Amber Rose recently joined to Instagram to share her permanent love for Wiz Khalifa with her new tattoo of a detailed portrait of Wiz. She captioned the image with “True… [ read more ]

Christina Milian strategic with her tattoo placement.

April 18 2013

Actress and singer, Christina Milian has a method behind her tattoo choices. Her ink is placed on her hip and lower back, both not being typically exposed. On her back is a lion’s head in the middle of a crowned… [ read more ]

Lana Del Rey – Permanent or temporary tattoos?

April 17 2013

Lana Del Rey‘s tattoos hold a personal meaning to her. They are subtly placed mostly on her hands, fingers and arms. Constantly in the spotlight, her fans quite frequently get confused which tattoos are permanent and which are temporary. When… [ read more ]

Justin Bieber following Rihanna’s tattoo artist ambitions

April 16 2013

Similar to Rihanna‘s case in 2009, Justin Bieber tried to call himself a tattoo artist. Five years ago, Rihanna was fined a small sum of $2,000 for administering tattoos at East Side Ink in New York City. Now it is… [ read more ]

Ciara and Future Get Matching Tattoos

April 15 2013

Who needs to spend money on a ring when they can get something as permanent as a tattoo? Ciara and her boy Future have recently been spotted having matching tattoos showcasing their dedication to one another. Ciara has the letter… [ read more ]

Win a trip to Sturgis and A tattoo from Corey Miller!

March 12 2013

“Bell’s new Rogue helmet represents the ultimate collision of innovative design and outlaw attitude – the same qualities that master tattoo artist Corey Miller brings to every human canvas.” Bell Helmets is giving you and a friend an opportunity to… [ read more ]

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