Cara Delevingne Advocates for Anti-Poaching Group With Sexy Photo Shoot

June 3 2016

Superstar model/actress Cara Delevingne recently posed nude for anti-poaching charity I’m Not A Trophy to help raise awareness for many endangered species, including Delvingne’s spirit animal the African Lion. Ever since she received a remarkable lion tattoo on her finger… [ read more ]

Artist Plans to Temporarily Ink Sick Kids for Free

May 26 2016

New Zealand-based airbrush artist Benjamin Lloyd has plans to lend his impressive art skills to Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, temporarily inking sick kids with beautiful spray-on tattoos – all for free. Lloyd’s idea is a new spin on… [ read more ]

Help Clint Cummings From ‘Ink Master’ Battle Cancer

February 9 2016

Recently tattoo artist and Ink Master season 2 cast member Clint Cummings announced that he’s been diagnosed with cancer. In a video posted to his Instagram Cummings said, “So, before I get started, I want you all to know that this… [ read more ]

Durb Morrison’s Semicolon Tattoo Benefit

January 19 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text This past weekend Durb Morrison and the crew at his RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, held a “Semicolon Tattoo Benefit Day.” Hundreds of collectors and supporters came to RedTree Tattoo Gallery over the weekend… [ read more ]

Julia Carlson from ‘Ink Master’ Needs Your Help

January 5 2016

Our hearts are hurting for Ink Master‘s sweetheart, Julia Carlson. The season 5 contestant lost her husband Albert unexpectedly and now she’s on a mission to get him a headstone for his grave. “It pains me every time my children… [ read more ]

The Force For Toys

December 23 2015

With the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens being so close to the holidays, it isn’t a surprise that almost every single store you walk into is filled to the brim with items celebrating the galaxy far, far away…. [ read more ]

Emily Shephard Poses for My Beachy Side

December 14 2015

It’s not often that you have the opportunity to gawk at marvelous photos of a gorgeous tattooed woman and say that you are doing it for a good cause, so relish this chance right here. Emily Shephard—you may recognize her… [ read more ]

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