• 1… 2… 3… DRAW!

    In this error of twitter feuds and passive aggressive sniping it’s easy to forget how men used to solve their differences with each other—by facing off with firearms for a duel. Today’s InkedShop Product of the Day harkens back to… [ read more ]

  • Made for an Angel

    Here at Inked we have always been suckers for wing tattoos—few things make a girl appear more angelic than a nice pair of tattooed wings. Sometimes a girl can’t just walk around showing off her wings so the next best… [ read more ]

  • Urban Outfitters Teams Up With Stewart and Colbert

    If your wardrobe is looking a little less patriotic as the election gets closer, then you’re in luck!Comedy Central is joining forces with clothing chain Urban Outfitters in launching a merchandise line inspired by the massively popular programs “The Daily… [ read more ]

  • North Carolina Man Launches Tattoo Inspired Clothing Line

    George Rhine was living in Greece when he chose to follow his destiny. After seeing the country struggle with unemployment and a bad economy, he came back to America and, using his love of tattoos as inspiration, created a clothing… [ read more ]

  • “Freshen Up Your Top Drawer” – The New Ad Campaign by BR4SS Underwear

    BR4SS Underwear’s new ad campaign features none other than Chicago Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett. Bennett is known for his sense of style both on and off the field regardless of the price. If you are looking to purchase your… [ read more ]

  • Inked Magazine Interview: Nasty Pig

    Since 1994 Nasty Pig CEO David Lauterstein and his partner Creative Director Fred Kearney have been making clothes that get you laid. These tattooed brand owners create products for the masculine, sexually self-assured man who oozes confidence. Their progressive attitude… [ read more ]

  • Inked Magazine Interview: Love Brigade Owner Alyssa Key

    Continuing our series of interviews with tattooed clothing brand owners we spoke with Brooklyn based designer Alyssa Key of Love Brigade (seen in the photo above). Although the clothing doesn’t look to be influenced by tattoo culture fans of Love… [ read more ]