Sexy Pouty Lips in Minutes

November 19 2015

The new hot accessory for those who already have a fresh tattoo and their ugly Christmas sweater is plump lips. While Kim Kardashian made an ample butt attractive to the masses, Kylie has done the same for lips. You don’t… [ read more ]

Cate Blanchett Wears a ‘Tattoo Dress’ to New York Movie Premiere

November 16 2015

Fashion has been taking elements of culture and adapting them for the modern day consumers for decades. For example, you no longer need to go to EDC or Coachella to capture the free-spirited essence of a music festival, you can… [ read more ]

Stiletto Cupcakes

November 9 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Ladies! Stilettos that won’t wipe out your shoe fund (but may do some damage to your baking money) have arrived. They are just as pretty as the pumps on your feet. You’ve got to be a darling baker to… [ read more ]

High Fashion Models with Tattoos

November 9 2015

You all know and love the tattoo models that grace the pages of Inked and Inked Girls. But what about the fashion models who walk the runways of Paris, London, New York, and Milan? Believe it or not, there are… [ read more ]

The Tattoo Inspired Jewelry of UK Custom Plugs

October 16 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Tattoos and stretched ears have long gone hand-in-hand within the body modification community. Musicians such as Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, and Davey Havok from AFI all rock the tattoo… [ read more ]

Vitaly Says Tattoos Propel Jewelry-For-Men Movement

September 16 2015

 Shane Vitaly Foran, CEO and designer of Vitaly, talks business, tattoos, and travel essentials with Inked.  How does an accidental fashion designer of only four years retail his unisex jewelry line in over 200 stores worldwide without big investors? Shane Vitaly Foran dismisses the… [ read more ]

NFL Temporary Tattoos That Don’t Suck

August 25 2015

When you think of an NFL team’s temporary tattoo you think of those ugly stamps that come out of gumball machines at your favorite megastore’s exit. Nope. Not today, as Lulu DK launches their line of 32 NFL temporary tattoos featuring… [ read more ]

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