Disney & Vans Release Young at Heart Collection

June 5 2015

Gallery Follows the Text If all of the classic Disney characters and your favorite sneaker brand had a little rendezvous, the Young at Heart collection would be their love child. It is their creation; Vans and Disney launched the fantastic… [ read more ]

Danger – Sexiness Ahead

May 7 2015

Everywhere you turn in this world there is danger lurking. Speeding cars trying to turn you into Frogger as you cross the street, delicious heart clogging food that will take it’s time, snakes that will spring out of the darkness… [ read more ]

Floyd Mayweather Hits the Ring in Style Thanks to Dapper Dan

May 1 2015

Gallery Follows the Text High fashion and boxing are two things that the average person wouldn’t ever expect to go together. Well, Floyd Mayweather isn’t your average boxer and he sure doesn’t dress like one either. When the undefeated boxer… [ read more ]

The Brightest Skeleton Ever

April 29 2015

There is only one thing that we don’t like about skulls and skeletons—they are so boring and white. It’s not their fault. Anyone who got a C or better in biology understands why they must be that color but that… [ read more ]

Turn Heads With No Effort At All

April 28 2015

Of all of the thousands of types of lingerie, many of which I have no clue how exactly they function or why they even exist, none are quite as sexy as the garter belt. Probably because of its association with… [ read more ]

Tank Top Season is Nigh

April 23 2015

We love tank tops, even in the dead of winter. There’s no better way to show off your sick ink than by wearing as little shirt as possible. And since society doesn’t seem like they are going to bend on… [ read more ]

For Best F*@#ing Friends Only

April 6 2015

Friends are the people that you hang out with at the bar. Best friends are the ones that will play your wingman while you hit on that cute guy. And best fuckin’ friends are the ones that will help you… [ read more ]

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