Get Inside the Minds Behind Mindzai Creative

March 2 2015

Art and fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the team over at Mindzai Creative has been fusing the two together since the ‘90s. Whether it’s pop culture references, elaborate sketches by tattoo artists or an image that… [ read more ]

Buff Monster x Converse Paint the Town Pink

March 2 2015

Today Converse announced the launch of their “Made by You” campaign celebrating fans of the brand that have been using Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers as a form of self expression for nearly 100 years. Converse has curated a collection… [ read more ]

Tell Winter How You Really Feel

February 20 2015

As we suffer through yet another day where the temperature will not even come close to 30 degrees we are channeling our inner Bill Murray from Groundhog Day. “I’ll give you a weather prediction: it’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be… [ read more ]

Shoe Art by Alexandra Trim

February 19 2015

It’s New York Fashion Week, so why not celebrate all of the style and hot designs debuting in NYC by showcasing some of our favorite designers?  Meet Alexandra Trim.  If you’re a lover of custom shoes, she’s an artist you… [ read more ]

The Eleventh Commandment

February 18 2015

Most people know the Ten Commandments, or at least a couple of the big ones, but very few people are aware that there was an eleventh commandment. Thankfully the good people at Dpcted Apparel have been able to discover this… [ read more ]

Own Your Style with Beautiful Disaster

February 17 2015

Beautiful Disaster is a brand all about owning every part of your personality.  It promotes having class with a bit of edge to it, rockin’ stilettos and tattoos, raising hell and loving every part of yourself, whether it’s beautiful one… [ read more ]

Tough Skin with a Soft Heart

February 11 2015

Don’t let the tattoos fool you, even the most hardened badass appreciates a good cuddle. Today’s InkedShop Product of the Day—the Men’s “Need Cuddles” Tee by Cartel Ink—will help remind people that despite the hard exterior you have a soft… [ read more ]

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