Medieval Medical Devices

August 27 2015

No, this is not a second gallery of Medieval torture devices. Despite how they may appear, the items in the gallery below were actually used by doctors. Of course, a lot of medicine back then involved hacking off limbs or… [ read more ]

Thor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson Carries Cars Around for Fun

August 7 2015

Photo Gallery follows the Text and Video We love strongman competitions. Part of it is the feeling of awe and wonderment we get while watching the amazing feats of strength. But, honestly the majority of our enjoyment comes from seeing… [ read more ]

Dog Buns Are the New Man Buns

August 5 2015

Ah, the man bun. It’s hard to think of a more polarizing fashion trend. Some people love the man bun. Others, and from my experience a far larger number of people, loathe this idiocy. But there is one thing that… [ read more ]

Tattoo Memes Part 2

July 28 2014

Technology Review: Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 by CM4

August 15 2012

There are already a few iPhone cases out there that have slots to store credit cards, so I had to ask myself, what makes this one different? The most obviously difference is that it’s made out of leather. Personally, I… [ read more ]

G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary Party!

August 14 2012

Inked Magazine was delighted to be invited to G-Shock’s super exclusive 30th anniversary party! Hosted last thursday at the Manhattan Center. Before the big celeb filled bashed, G-Shock held an incredibly cool press conference, highlighting who they are as a… [ read more ]

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Los Angeles 2025 Multi Player Preview

August 9 2012

Following up on our preview of Call of Duty: Black Ops Los Angeles 2025 we gave you back in June, we now present you with even more. The multiplayer preview! All that glitz and gold has nothing on this game,… [ read more ]

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