Epic Burns in YouTube Comments

July 23 2015

Gallery Follows the Text The internet is a glorious place full stupid people, free thought and very witty folks. You put those together, add YouTube videos and we guarantee that you can’t get through this list without actually laughing out… [ read more ]

Dogs Wearing Hats

July 14 2015

Hats are for people, but to be honest dogs can rock a fedora better than most. From party hats to a Kangol (for a dog channeling his inner-Samuel L Jackson) these pooches are pulling off their headwear. Now if only… [ read more ]

15 Times Siri Got Snarky

June 30 2015

The internet has been abuzz all weekend over a little joke Apple users programmed into Siri, the straight out of 2001 voice that you can talk to using your iPhone. When asked to divide 0 by 0, a mathematical impossibility, Siri responds… [ read more ]

Funny Tattoo Shop Signs

May 13 2015

When it comes to putting a person at ease few things work as well as a bit of humor. Considering the amount of pain and permanence involved in getting a tattoo it’s only natural that a person is a little… [ read more ]

Start Your Humpday with Some Inner-Species Humping

May 6 2015

It’s humpday. Half-way through the week, and you need something to take your mind off of the weekend that just seems so far away. This should do the trick. People love pictures of animals, and people love porn. You’re really… [ read more ]

Funny Finger Art

April 24 2015

Creative and whimsical uses of fingers. From zombies to vampires to a loving couple these fingers come alive with a bit of imagination. Some are drawn on with marker and some painted on—we would really love to these turned into… [ read more ]

13 Times Hardcore Had an Off Day

April 17 2015

Can you be badass 24/7-365? Danzig, The Rock and Henry Rollins can’t. Please enjoy the softer moments of the hardcore.

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