Girls With Tattoos

Drew Barrymore Shares Sweet Story Behind ‘Olive and Frankie’ Wrist Tattoo

May 2 2016

The wrist tattoo Drew Barrymore got of her daughters’ names in early April is adorable on its own, but the story behind the impromptu ink is even sweeter, if you ask us. Apparently, the decision to get a new tattoo was… [ read more ]

Kylie Jenner Gets (and Gives) More Tiny Tattoos

May 2 2016

Another day, another Kylie Jenner tattoo story. While her older sis Kendall Jenner attended the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, April 30, Kylie paid a visit to West 4 Tattoo. The 18-year-old and her two friends, Jordyn Woods and Justine… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Solid Bold Back Pieces

May 2 2016

You don’t want to miss Yallzee’s 20 mind blowing back pieces. The tattoo in photo #8 is insane! You can’t go wrong with a collection of back pieces crafted in American traditional style. In this gallery, you will find tiger tattoos, snake tattoos, and… [ read more ]

Paris Jackson’s Tattoo Honoring Her Dad, Michael Jackson

April 7 2016

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, got two new tattoos in just 24 hours. The pixie-cut blonde could hardly wait to get some ink after celebrating her 18 birthday on April 3. We feel your pain, lady! The first of her two… [ read more ]

Preview of the Sexy New Inked Girls W/ Talleigha and 11 More Gorgeous Models

April 5 2016

Cover model Talleigha is just one of 12 drop dead gorgeous tattooed women waiting for you wearing almost nothing but ink in the latest Inked Girls. The new issue (available for digital download  here, here and here) is filled with… [ read more ]

Wing Tattoos Vol. 1

March 2 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Don’t ever be afraid to spread your wings and fly, the inked individuals in the following gallery sure weren’t. Perhaps it’s the message behind their angelic feathers that helped them reach that point. After all, every tattoo has a… [ read more ]

Sexy Inked Girls Part II

March 2 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Life is hard. It shouldn’t be. You deserve to have pep in your step, so what cheers you up? Pizza? Beer? Playing hooky from your job? How about a Grade A list of sexy tattooed women?… [ read more ]

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