Girls With Tattoos

  • Leah Jung – Christian Saint Photographer

    When she’s not gracing the cover of INKED and INKED GIRLS, tattooed model, Leah Jung, keeps herself busy in NYC as a professional singer/songwriter, model, actress, and writer. In this photoseries, photographer Christian Saint masterfully captures her beauty and grace.

  • Female Side Piece Tattoos

  • Azarja van der Veen – Christian Saint Photographer

    Colorful Azarja van der Veen has graced the covers, along with full spreads, of some of the most influential tattoo and alternative magazines. Becoming enamored with the culture since she was 17, she began her apprenticeship in 2002 and has never looked back…. [ read more ]

  • Alysha Nett – Christian Saint Photographer

    Tattooed temptress Alysha Nett shows us sophisticated sexiness in this photoseries by Christian Saint Photography. Web: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr:  

  • Sexy Garter Tattoos

    Is there anything sexier than lingerie? How about lingerie that you can never take off? This gallery contains pictures of some of the sexiest garter tatttoos that we could find, we hope you enjoy it.

  • Sexiest Tattooed Women

    These are some of the sexiest tattooed women on the Internet!

  • Radeo – Christian Saint Photographer

    Tattooed model, Radeo Suicide, gets our pulse racing in this sexy photoseries by Christian Saint Photography. Instagram: Facebook: