Girls With Tattoos

Who Says Blondes Have All The Fun?

January 30 2015

Who says blondes are the only ones to have all the fun?  Here at INKED we also love our redheads, and one of our favorites is Inked Girl Lass.  This gorgeous girl is not only an amazing tattooed model, but… [ read more ]

A Good Reason to Stay in Bed

January 27 2015

It’s cold outside. Work sucks. Pants are too constrictive. These are all perfectly acceptable reasons to want to stay in bed all day. Allow us to introduce you to perhaps the most compelling reason of all–Jordan Macey. Today’s Inked Girl… [ read more ]

Black and Grey and Gorgeous

January 22 2015

If we were to describe today’s Inked Girl of the Day, Gabriela Ayala de Falcon, in one word it would be “enchanting.” From the second we opened her profile page we knew that there was something special about Gabriela. We… [ read more ]

Could This Tree Tattoo be Any Cooler?

January 19 2015

One of our most popular lists here at INKED is our tree tattoos list, and one of the most popular pieces happens to be this gorgeous rainbow tree back piece.  Not only does this piece showcase how a tattoo design… [ read more ]

Girl of the Day: Why Wear Clothes When You Have Ink?

January 15 2015

Today’s Inked Girl of the Day is Tamy Arnott. Tamy has been kind enough to share multiple sets of pictures with us over the years and we are forever grateful. Hailing from England, the lovely Tamy has a budding modeling… [ read more ]

We Wear Black

November 27 2014

Hey, tomorrow is Black Friday, and we know that’s mostly about shopping, but it is also our favorite color (or “absence of color” to keep the Internet Po-Po off our backs). We subscribe to the maxim: “We’ll wear black until… [ read more ]

Inked Q&A with Chibi of the Birthday Massacre

November 24 2014

Canadian electro rockers The Birthday Massacre are back with a stunning new album titled Superstition which was released this November by Metropolis Records.  We chatted it up with Chibi, the inked, dark-haired front woman of the group to talk about… [ read more ]