• Graffiti Artists Who Just Can’t Stop Graffitiing

    Associated Press has done a touching piece on popular native New York graffiti artists Angel Ortiz and Andrew Witten. The article shares the artists need to still graffiti, even after 30 years. Even while spending time with their children or… [ read more ]

  • Banksy Shares Two New Olympics-Inspired Grafitti Pieces

    Banksy is back at it again, this time his artwork highlights the upcoming 2012 Olympics, something that most people in the world are looking forward to. Like previous blogs we’ve written about Banksy, we will give you uncultured fans a… [ read more ]

  • British Crackdown on Graffiti Before Olympics

    It’s all over: in the news, on T.V. commercials, on the radio, on billboards, etc. The 2012 London Olympics start next week and the reminders are everywhere. England seems to be feeling the pressure as the worldwide hype steadily increases…. [ read more ]

  • Aiko Nakagawa Graffiti on Bowery

    If you’re chilling in NYC, be sure to check out Aiko Nakagawa‘s new graffiti art on the Bowery and Houston wall. Featuring a new, distinctly feminine flair on the popular art space, “Lady Aiko” follows in the wall-art footsteps of… [ read more ]

  • Cope2 Debuts New Website

    Prolific graffiti legend and New York City native Cope2 has launched an all-encompassing portfolio website that showcases his many artworks, news about him and upcoming art shows. The new website contains everything from galleries of his intricate art, to video’s… [ read more ]

  • ‘You Are Not Banksy’ Series

    Upcoming photojournalist Nick Stern has been creating quite the stir with his photo series of real life replications of famous Banksy graffiti. If you aren’t familiar with the iconic graffiti series by Bristol native Banksy then you have probably been… [ read more ]

  • Graffiti Revolution

    Despite the recent efforts of government authorities, residents of Cairo are making sure the 2011 revolution will not be forgotten. Cairo is being covered with graffiti depicting soldiers, politicians, and everyday Egyptians who affected and were affected by last year’s… [ read more ]