Jay Bird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones are better for phone calls than music

September 4 2012

If you hate having to pull out an earbud to talk on the phone, Jay Bird’s Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones might be your new best friend. Although I can’t vouch for their lifetime warranty against sweat, I can say that these… [ read more ]

Technology Review: Urbanears Zinkin Headphones

August 23 2012

Okay guys, this will be my last product review. But let me just say, it will be great. These headphones are freaking awesome. In the pamphlet that comes with the headphone box, they advertise that they are the most comfortable… [ read more ]

Technology Review: I-Mego THRONE Gold Headphones

August 16 2012

  With incredible sound comes great responsibility. Pretty good over the ear headphones from the good people at I-Mego. And at an even better prince, $139.99, a big difference from their competitors Beats by Dre. I think that people would… [ read more ]

Monster Diamond Tears Edge Headphones

August 10 2012

  Monster has come out with yet another set of new, innovative headphones. The Diamond Tears Edge Headphones feature ControlTalk for Apple and ControlTalk Universal along with a bling-ed out design that certainly lives up to its name. The Diamond… [ read more ]

California Headphones: Laredo and Silverado

August 10 2012

California Headphones has a new set of headphones with a retro metal and leather aviation design. The Laredo features stamped metal and leather with 40mm drivers. The Silverado sports the same metal and leather with 40mm drivers but also serves… [ read more ]

Beats by Dr. Dre x David Guetta present Beats Mixr Headphones

April 27 2012

Two-Time Grammy Award winning artist David Guetta collaborated with Beats by Dr. Dre to launch the Beats Mixr headphones ($249.99). The Beats Mixr is described as “the ultimate weapon of choice for DJs , providing them with a direct connection… [ read more ]

Marshall White Headphones

November 16 2011

The amazing sound quality of Marshall amps have been heard all over the world for nearly 50 years.  In 2010 the brand released their first Marshall Headphones and buyers were not let down. Now Marshall has released the Marshall White… [ read more ]

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