Inked Girls

You Have to See this British Bombshell

February 20 2015

Anna Sherdley-Davies, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, comes to us from Blackpool in the United Kingdom. It’s hard to think of a city with a more badass name than Blackpool (although Deadpool would be a little cooler), so we… [ read more ]

There’s Nothing Sexier Than a Fallen Angel

February 17 2015

There is something inherently sexy about the idea of a corrupted angel, and with those wings on Bibiana Atada is the angel we’d most like to turn to the dark side. Today’s Inked Girl of the Day has blessed us… [ read more ]

Warm Up with this Beach Beauty

February 16 2015

The majority of the country is frozen solid right now. The snow and the sub zero temperatures just keep on coming with spring nowhere in sight. It’s around this time of year that people will do just about anything to… [ read more ]

50 Shades of Black and Grey

February 13 2015

By now you have heard about Fifty Shades of Grey so many times that you are starting to tune out whenever you hear the word “fifty.”  While we are all for books/movies about kinky sex—see our features about Fat Mike and… [ read more ]

A Real Life Lydia Deetz

February 13 2015

When we first saw today’s Inked Girl of the Day we were instantly reminded of the first time we swooned for Winona Ryder—when she played Lydia Deetz in the classic Beetlejuice. Well, it turns out that we weren’t completely off the… [ read more ]

This Redhead Will Set Your Heart on Fire

February 12 2015

Few things will set a man’s heart ablaze like a beautiful woman with fiery red hair. After taking a look at Erna von Pentz, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, our hearts weren’t on fire—they were a smoldering pile of… [ read more ]

Classic Beauty with a Modern Twist

February 11 2015

The truly great things never go out of style. For example, pin-up girls. Obviously we are huge fans of pin-ups here at Inked, and today’s Inked Girl of the Day perfectly embodies the style that we love. Ashley Marie Post’s… [ read more ]