Inked Girls

Barbie Like Totally Loves Inked Shop

March 11 2015

Barbie is 56 and still at the top of every game: fashion, career and ink. Really, does any celeb relate to a wider audience? I was never much of a “Barbie girl” growing up, but it doesn’t take a fanatic… [ read more ]

Pretty as a Butterfly

March 11 2015

Today’s Inked Girl of the Day, the lovely Rachel Nolan, describes herself as a social butterfly. And just like the beautiful butterflies that her behavior mocks Rachel also is covered with vibrant colors thanks to her many tattoos. As she… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Damsel

March 11 2015

Damsel, also known as Dude It’s Damsel or Damsel W. Dank, made our list for the top inked girls of Instagram for 2014. So, we decided to show some of our favorite IG pics of the alternative model right here!… [ read more ]

Fierce Feline

March 9 2015

One of the best canvases for a large scale tattoo is the back, something tattoo artist Eugene “Levgen” Knysh seems to know all too well.  Knysh is a highly talented Polish artist based at Redberry Tattoo Studio and definitely an… [ read more ]

More Photos of Tattooed Model Makani Terror

March 9 2015

Makani Terror was one of our top tattooed girls of Instagram in 2014, and now as 2015 rings in, we wanted to show you all a few more of our all time favorite shots of this gorgeous tattooed model!  Not… [ read more ]

Meet the Tattooed Girl Next Door

March 6 2015

Kaitie Rosiu, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, got her first tattoos immediately after turning 18-years-old. Once she no longer needed someone else to sign for her Kaitie was in the shop eager to get some ink. The beauty from… [ read more ]

The Bold and Beautiful Whitney

March 5 2015

Fortune favors the bold, as they say, and it is certainly smiling upon Whitney Page. Today’s Inked Girl of the Day had spend ten long years working as a hairdresser before making the bold decision to throw aside that one… [ read more ]