Inked Girls

Who Says Blondes Have All The Fun?

January 30 2015

Who says blondes are the only ones to have all the fun?  Here at INKED we also love our redheads, and one of our favorites is Inked Girl Lass.  This gorgeous girl is not only an amazing tattooed model, but… [ read more ]

She’ll Make You Actually Want to Work Out

January 29 2015

Despite the great desire to shed holiday poundage we find it difficult to find the motivation to actually get up and go to the gym. Of course, that might be because we’ve never had a trainer that looked even remotely… [ read more ]

Tattoos To Go Mad For

January 29 2015

What’s the best way to celebrate your very merry unbirthday?  With some new ink, of course! Here at INKED we’ve seen a tremendous amount of Alice in Wonderland tattoos and we’re head over heels (down a rabbit hole) for them…. [ read more ]

Ladies in Ink: Behind the Scenes

January 29 2015

Want to know what it’s like to go behind the scenes of an INKED cover shoot?  Well Sullen TV has the inside footage as they take you through the day of INKED Australia’s photo shoot with some of our favorite… [ read more ]

It’s Hot Down in the Bayou

January 28 2015

Just like the gumbo that comes from her home state of Louisiana, Shelbey Breazeale is scorching hot. The bartender from Baton Rouge is today’s Inked Girl of the Day and we absolutely adore her NSFW gallery. When it comes to… [ read more ]

What’s Under There? A Tattoo?

January 27 2015

There is a long and storied history of men getting caught ogling women’s chests, one can assume that this has been going on since the dawn of time. Now, before you rush to conclusions one must ascertain that some times… [ read more ]

A Good Reason to Stay in Bed

January 27 2015

It’s cold outside. Work sucks. Pants are too constrictive. These are all perfectly acceptable reasons to want to stay in bed all day. Allow us to introduce you to perhaps the most compelling reason of all–Jordan Macey. Today’s Inked Girl… [ read more ]