Inked Girls

Bootilicious Tattooed Women Part 2

February 24 2016

Gallery Follows the Text We’re going to big booty paradise and you’re invited! We gave you a glimpse of some amazing booties before, but we know that you wanted more. You may not have plans for spring break, so your friends… [ read more ]

Hand Bras

February 23 2016

Wearing a bra can be a tremendous pain in the ass. Hot fabric, uncomfortable straps and annoying clasps are just the tip of the iceberg. We have a solution for you—use your hands. Take that bra and throw it in… [ read more ]

Ashley Michelle’s Hottest Instagrams

February 22 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Ashley Michelle is one of those glorious creations that graces the earth once every not so often. She is a tattooed gift that your Instagram feed needs. If you’re not already following her, you’re not using social… [ read more ]

Tattooed Girls Wearing Only Their Ink

February 17 2016

Gallery Follows the Text These women are hot. They are of all shapes, hair colors, and ethnicities. They are all built with gorgeous tummies, round booties, and big bosoms. They are all undressed. Prepare yourself for nothing but tattoos and bare… [ read more ]

Bootilicious Tattooed Women Vol. 1

February 17 2016

We have to admit it, we are huge suckers for women with ink and a little junk in the trunk. There’s just something about a booty that brings out the caveman in us, and that’s not a bad thing. Enjoy… [ read more ]

Perfect Placement

February 10 2016

Gallery Follows the Text If you’re perfect and you know it clap your hands! *silence* You’re not. No one is. You’re not supposed to be. Not even tattoos done by the finest artists of the land are perfect, but they’re pretty… [ read more ]

More Great Tattoo Ideas For Women

February 9 2016

Two of the key elements in creating a perfect tattoo are placement and style. The right tattoo in the wrong place will look terrible, same thing with a tattoo that’s style doesn’t fit the person wearing it. In order to… [ read more ]

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