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Wilde About Sex

February 22 2016

Our new resident Sex Columnist Jessica Wilde (@jessicawildemfc) is here to answer your burning sex questions—though if it burns consult an actual doctor right now. She’s not a doctor, but she once role-played as a nurse so she’s beyond qualified…. [ read more ]

Wound Tattoos

February 2 2016

Warning: This gallery is not for those with a weak stomach. Although you would want to help out any of these people, the only way you could do that is with more ink and a needle. These gnarly wound tattoos… [ read more ]

You Won’t Believe Who Kat Von D is Dating

January 21 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text It appears that the tattoo community has a brand new inked power couple. LA Ink’s Kat Von D has been seen out and about with a brand new beau. Any guesses as to who the lucky guy may… [ read more ]

Tattoos That Require 3D Glasses

January 15 2016

Realistic 3D tattoos, that pop off the skin, are undeniably some of the most amazing tattoos ever. But have you ever been required to put on those 3D glasses to see the image pop out? Well, get those glasses out… [ read more ]

Myths and Misconceptions About Tattoos Debunked

January 7 2016

It was only a short time ago that seemingly everyone believed that only gang members and punks got tattoos. People also thought that getting ink would set people up for failure and that every tattoo artist was a mean and scary person.  As… [ read more ]

The Ultimate Christmas Card Prank

December 11 2015

Half of the fun of the holiday season comes from receiving Christmas cards in the mail, usually from relatives and friends you haven’t seen or spoken to in the past year. While the ones of adorable children in festive garb… [ read more ]

Tinderella: A Modern Fairy Tale

December 1 2015

Dating apps have become such a norm in the dating world. From seeking long term relationships to just a hook up, there is an app for it all. It can take seconds for us to get matched with people we… [ read more ]

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