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  • Gizmo Tattoos

    We’d be happy to find Gizmo under our Christmas tree!  

  • Hand Tattoos, Pt 2

    Get inspired by Part 2 of our Hand Tattoo series. 1. Lollipops and Hearts by Liz Cook. 2. Madonna Portrait. 3. Marilyn and a Girl’s Best Friend. 4. Realistic Moth. 5. Hoot! Realistic Owl by Dean Lawton. 7. Add a… [ read more ]

  • Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

    Get inspired by these beautiful butterfly tattoos for women!    

  • Eat Your Heart Out with Inked Girls

    You hungry? Here are the tastiest photos on our site.  

  • Tattooed Cartoon Characters

    Cartoon characters GONE WILD! Tattoos, piercings, smoking, Oh my!

  • Lil Bub Visits the Inked Office

    Lil Bub’s Photo Gallery Follows the Text Lil Bub was in town so we invited her into our office, which made the girls who work at INKED squeal like One Direction fans. Most people know the cool cat but did… [ read more ]

  • Chasidy Lee Del Balso – Christian Saint Photographer

    Tattooed model/Aveda Hairstylist Chasidy Lee Del Balso is stunningly photographed by Christian Saint. Instagram: