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Viral Image: Typical Girl Tattoo Form

October 9 2013

This image is making the rounds of blogs and e-mail inboxes. Yes, the designs are common “starter tattoos” for women, but some of my favorite Inked Girls still rock one or more of them proudly. I don’t know the source… [ read more ]

Video: Rihanna Gets Traditional Maori Tat Chiseled On Hand

October 9 2013

  Celebrities get tattooed all the time it seems, but not many forgo a tattoo machine in place of a chisel when getting ink done. Travelling on a worldwide tour, acclaimed ‘Diamonds’ singer, Rihanna, stopped at the tattoo studio Moko… [ read more ]

Meet Your New Ink Master: Joey Hamilton

October 9 2013

In the three seasons of Spike TV’s Ink Master last night’s finale was, as Oliver Peck remarked, the hardest to judge. Tatu Baby, Jime Litwalk, and Joey Hamilton stood on the stage and in front of America with their 35-hour… [ read more ]

Star Wars Ink

October 9 2013

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

October 9 2013

Someone Bought LeBron James’ Tattoos

October 8 2013

We’ve been discussing the legality of tattoo ownership for a while (see Who Owns Your Tattoo?) and though there isn’t solid legal precedent set on who owns the rights to the artwork—the tattoo artist or the wearer—Matt Siegler went and… [ read more ]

10 Rad Skull Tattoos

October 7 2013
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