Review: i Home i P4 Boombox

October 18 2012

iPhone and iPod-compatible, this techie boombox is a lighter, prettier, more advanced version of the bass-blasting behemoths we toted around in the 80s. Available in charcoal grey, aquamarine, or bright pink (like, splendidly, blindingly bright pink), the iP4 inspired this… [ read more ]

The Impossible Project turns Pixels into Polaroids

September 11 2012

iPhone’s Instagram app made amateur photography an Internet sensation, but the Impossible Project plans to turn these digital pictures into tangible photographs. Founder Dr. Florian Kaps and his team created an ingenious device, Impossible Instant Lab, that can rapidly transform… [ read more ]

Star Wars Tribute Icon Apps

August 24 2012

Imagine if your iPhone or iPad had a lightsaber app. Or perhaps an app that helps you build your own Death Star. Okay, so maybe that’s a little implausible….not to mention dangerous. But you can still imagine your favorite Star… [ read more ]

Technology Review: Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 by CM4

August 15 2012

There are already a few iPhone cases out there that have slots to store credit cards, so I had to ask myself, what makes this one different? The most obviously difference is that it’s made out of leather. Personally, I… [ read more ]

Technology Review: The Hybrid Series USB Case for iPhone 4/4s

August 9 2012

Ego & Company have created a product, that most would say would is common sense, but they have perfected it and even made it with cool colors.  The Hybrid Series USB Case is simple, but awesome. I know that I… [ read more ]

Become an iPhone DJ

August 3 2012

Oh the glamourous life of a Disc Jockey: going to clubs every night, putting on the headphones and mixing the beats needed to keep roomfuls of people dancing all night. Now you can get the DJ experience (sans ultra-cool club… [ read more ]

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