Tea Party Tattoos

March 12 2010

With the release of the new “Alice in Wonderland” this weekend, I can only imagine the tattoo ideas this movie will provide. With an array of rich characters and vibrant colors, its a tattoo dreamscape waiting to happen. Whether you… [ read more ]

Boondock Saints Gone Bad

February 23 2010

The sequel to the bad ass cult film, Boondock Saints, has finally released its sequel this month; I’m shocked it made it to theaters. All of the components that made this movie memorable have been replaced with bad acting, terrible… [ read more ]

The Queen is Disgusted

January 27 2010

Bet you never thought the queen would get a tattoo. Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, who won for her role in “The Queen”, drunkenly got tattooed many years ago “when only sailors and Hell’s Angels were tattooed.” “I decided to… [ read more ]

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