Is that you, 50?

June 2 2010

Tattooed bad boy has been working hard for his role as the cancer stricken football player in Mario Van Peebles’ up coming film, “Things Fall Apart.” The Queens rapper lost an amazing 50 pounds for the role, leaving him almost… [ read more ]

Tea Party Tattoos

March 12 2010

With the release of the new “Alice in Wonderland” this weekend, I can only imagine the tattoo ideas this movie will provide. With an array of rich characters and vibrant colors, its a tattoo dreamscape waiting to happen. Whether you… [ read more ]

Boondock Saints Gone Bad

February 23 2010

The sequel to the bad ass cult film, Boondock Saints, has finally released its sequel this month; I’m shocked it made it to theaters. All of the components that made this movie memorable have been replaced with bad acting, terrible… [ read more ]

The Queen is Disgusted

January 27 2010

Bet you never thought the queen would get a tattoo. Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, who won for her role in “The Queen”, drunkenly got tattooed many years ago “when only sailors and Hell’s Angels were tattooed.” “I decided to… [ read more ]

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