• Dancers Start Flash Mob On Plane For Kanye West

    Passengers on a recent flight were in for a major surprise of the Kanye West-kind.Dancers from West’s 2012 Australian tour had organized a flash mob as a thank you to West and their fellow dancers, using the choreography from the… [ read more ]

  • Technology Review: I-Mego THRONE Gold Headphones

      With incredible sound comes great responsibility. Pretty good over the ear headphones from the good people at I-Mego. And at an even better prince, $139.99, a big difference from their competitors Beats by Dre. I think that people would… [ read more ]

  • Technology Review: Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik Kick Ass Speakers

    Now, as you may or may not be able to tell but you probably should if you are a functioning adult, that I am a fan of these speakers. I tried them, enjoyed them, fell in love with them, grew… [ read more ]

  • Lollapalooza Ends On High Note Despite Stormy Weather

    Lollapalooza had the usual suspects appear at this year’s gathering in Chicago’s Grant Park. Epic musicians, masses of fans, and tons of security were all in attendance. One uninvited guest though came sweeping in on Saturday.A major storm unleashed itself… [ read more ]

  • DJ Launches Music Festival In Flint

    Drop Fest, a musical festival created by DJ Jerin Sage, will mark its debut this Saturday in Flint, Mich. and Sage couldn’t be any happier.“The only rules: have fun and don’t break anything,” he said. Sage, who hails from Flint,… [ read more ]

  • VOYR Presents: Kanye West and Jay-Z Watch The Throne Tour- The Garden

      VOYR has graced us once again with some dope visuals of the one and only Kanye West.  They explore the Louie Vuitton Don as he prepares for his Watch The Throne tour show at Madison Square Garden, arguably one… [ read more ]

  • Nilsa: Out Of Reach

    Nilsa. It’s probably a name that you will want to become acquainted with. The lyrical songbird from Queens, New York recently dropped her first EP and it’s nothing short of inspiring. Nilsa says, “‘Out Of Reach’ was inspired by a… [ read more ]