Norman Collins

Sailor Jerry Presents in Austin

April 4 2011

So you think you were at “the place to be” this SXSW 2011? Not unless you were drinking Perfect Storms and Sailor’s Creams, sweating it up to the Black Lips at Sailor Jerry Presents at the Shangri’la. The anti-over-the-top, anti-sponsorship… [ read more ]

Sailor Jerry Spends SXSW in Style

March 31 2011

The folks at Sailor Jerry Rum have bought” 5″ 1973 Vintage Airtreams. They will be cruising around NY, IL, CAL, COL, TEXAS, all summer long. Austin hosted the first airstream activity of the spring for SXSW. Bands Dum Dum Girls,… [ read more ]

Sailor Jerry Gets X

January 31 2011

Sailor Jerry Rum took on the X Games this year; presenting one of the most preeminent hardcore punk bands of the late 70’s. “The Circle Jerks” live at Belly Up is Aspen, CO . With over 1000 people waiting in… [ read more ]

100 Years of Sailor Jerry

January 14 2011

This year marks the 100th birthday of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the father of the old-school tattoo. Born January 14th, 1911, he was an innovator and a true independent spirit whose legacy lives on today through his work and the… [ read more ]

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