2012 Olympics American Flag Art Installation by Eric Haze

July 31 2012

The Nike store at 21 Mercer Street in New York City has unveiled it’s newest friend; an art installation by street artists Eric Haze. Haze has been putting his mark on public places since the early 1970’s. Cultivated in honor… [ read more ]

Olympic Rings Tattoos

July 27 2012

Finally, the 2012 London Olympics have begun! Many competitors are commemorating this momentous occasion with a tattoo of the iconic Olympic symbol: the five rings. Getting the ink appears to be an unofficial tradition among the U.S. swimmers. Freestyle sprinter… [ read more ]

Banksy Shares Two New Olympics-Inspired Grafitti Pieces

July 24 2012

Banksy is back at it again, this time his artwork highlights the upcoming 2012 Olympics, something that most people in the world are looking forward to. Like previous blogs we’ve written about Banksy, we will give you uncultured fans a… [ read more ]

British Crackdown on Graffiti Before Olympics

July 20 2012

It’s all over: in the news, on T.V. commercials, on the radio, on billboards, etc. The 2012 London Olympics start next week and the reminders are everywhere. England seems to be feeling the pressure as the worldwide hype steadily increases…. [ read more ]

Olympic Torchbearer Tattoo Gone Wrong

July 20 2012

To be a torchbearer for the 2012 Olympics is a pretty big deal. Jerri Peterson from Atlanta carried the torch in England on June 30, but before she left, she decided to memorialize the moment with a tattoo. Once again… [ read more ]

Get Some Olympic Temporary Tattoos

July 17 2012

Tattoo Manufacturing has found a way for fans to show even more spirit by releasing new world flag temporary tattoos. Of course getting a real tattoo would be cooler, but this is a close second. The company has created more… [ read more ]

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