Portfolio Peek: London Reese

March 26 2015

Looking for an artist to do your next tattoo?  Have no fear! Sullen TV is here!  In Sullen TV‘s web series Portfolio Peek viewers get a chance to not only see some of the coolest work in tattoo artists’ portfolios,… [ read more ]

Buzz Buzz

March 25 2015

Jakub Hendrix is a phenomenal tattoo artist and the owner of the tattoo shop Inkpire in Basingstoke, England.  Known for his cool style that crosses realism and surrealism into one, Hendrix works equally well in both color and black and grey… [ read more ]

Nikko Hurtado Tattoos Mike Tyson’s Portrait On The Game

March 25 2015

This past weekend marked the eighth annual Musink tattoo convention and music festival.  While many people came out to see some of the best artists in the business ink away at the show, others were there for the punk rock performances… [ read more ]

Not All Roses Are Red

March 24 2015

Timur Lysenko is an incredible tattoo artist known for his minimalist modern sketch work art which he beautifully incorporates into his take on photo realism in his tattoos. Based in Poland, Lysenko offers a unique and instantly recognizable style that… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Valentina “Val Tatboo” Ryabova

March 24 2015

Valentina Ryabova, also known as “Val Tatboo,” has only been tattooing since 2013, but this Russian tattooist has showcased tremendous talent in her brief time behind the needle.  Take a look at her remarkable color realism, black and grey, and… [ read more ]

Heavy Lies The Crown

March 24 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this incredible chest piece by Hokowhitu Sciascia! Sciascia is based at Auckland, New Zealand’s esteemed tattoo studio, Ship Shape Tattoo and specializes in black and grey realism. Black and grey is usually done in a… [ read more ]

That’s One Deadly Flower

March 20 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this remarkable piece by Andres Acosta!  Acosta is best known for his amazing rose morphs in which he combines everyday objects or animals with a signature red rose.  As the years have gone on,… [ read more ]