Tattoos That Look Exactly Like Photographs

May 22 2015

The greatest compliment you can give a tattoo artist upon completion of a portrait is to tell them that it looks like the photo. Sometimes a tattoo is so realistic looking that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the… [ read more ]

Convention Ink – Devil’s Hollow Tattoo Festival

April 22 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Convention Ink, a new feature on where we will feature some of the best work done at notable tattoo conventions around the world. Previously we caught you up on the goings on at… [ read more ]

A Tattoo Fit For a Museum

April 1 2015

Considering that Nikko Hurtado made an enormous announcement this morning—read here if you have yet to hear the big news—it was only fitting to choose an epic back piece of his for Tattoo of the Day. This gigantic tattoo wouldn’t… [ read more ]

Perfect Pup Portrait

March 31 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this remarkable piece by Steve Wiebe.  Wiebe is based at Golden Republic Tattoo in British Columbia, Canada, as both a shop owner and highly talented tattoo artist.  He is best known for his black… [ read more ]

Bury Me With Roses

March 30 2015

Today’s pick for skull of the day goes to the insanely talented Ryan Mullins! Based at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio, Mullins is best known for his impeccable black and grey realism, however, on occasion you can find him cranking out… [ read more ]

Phenomenal Freehand

March 27 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this amazing piece by Carl Grace.  Grace is a highly recognized and respected black and grey tattoo artist best known for his freehanded custom realism. As an artist who works so heavily in freehand,… [ read more ]

Portfolio Peek: London Reese

March 26 2015

Looking for an artist to do your next tattoo?  Have no fear! Sullen TV is here!  In Sullen TV‘s web series Portfolio Peek viewers get a chance to not only see some of the coolest work in tattoo artists’ portfolios,… [ read more ]