• Hands On Ink

    Today’s tattoo of the day is this incredible piece by Liz Cook.  Cook may have only been tattooing since 2009, but her work is extremely impressive with just six years under her belt, as today’s pick clearly displays.  Hands are… [ read more ]

  • Fantasies of Realism

    Today’s tattoo of the day is this intriguing piece by Casey Anderson.  Anderson is located at House of Ponchos Tattoos in Abingdon, Maryland, and is best known for his unique take on realism.  Combining photo realistic elements with hints of… [ read more ]

  • Head Shots

    A photograph is cool to carry around, but a tattoo won’t fall out of your wallet. Over the last ten years we have seen a growing rise in the popularity of portraiture tattoos.  Sure, you can get someone’s name tattooed… [ read more ]

  • Eyes are Windows to the Soul

    Today’s skull of the day is this epic piece by Sławomir Myśków. Myśków is an artist known for his incredible work in both color and black and grey realism.  Not only does his impeccable skill for realism shine through in today’s skull,… [ read more ]

  • It’s All In The Hand You’re Dealt

    Today’s skull of the day is this realistic skull by Chris Block. Block is the co-owner of Fallout Tattoo in Germany and best known for his horror realism.  Equally skilled in both black and grey and color, his pieces are… [ read more ]

  • The Cat’s Meow

    Today’s tattoo of the day is this stunning hand piece by Victor Portugal.  Portugal is a highly respected tattooist in the industry known for his heavily detailed, large-scale black and grey work, but every so often he takes on a… [ read more ]

  • The Beautifully Dark Tattoos of Riccardo Cassese

    When it comes to creating breathtaking tattoos that have a just a hint of the macabre few can equal the work of Riccardo Cassese. Based in Barcelona, Cassese specializes in portraiture and realism. While many tattoo artists go over the… [ read more ]