Accessory Review: Crumpler Bags!

July 19 2012

So we recently blogged about the re-opening of Crumpler’s Soho store, but the awesome luggage guru’s sent us some merch, so here is an official review! I am pretty sure that all of Crumpler’s swag is the bomb, but for… [ read more ]


May 14 2012 recently published their review of a tattoo design App called Instattoo ($2.99).  Instattoo is an idea generator with 13  built in tattoo styles and an additional five styles are available as app purchases. This is what they had to… [ read more ]

Boondock Saints Gone Bad

February 23 2010

The sequel to the bad ass cult film, Boondock Saints, has finally released its sequel this month; I’m shocked it made it to theaters. All of the components that made this movie memorable have been replaced with bad acting, terrible… [ read more ]

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