National Rum Day (Fri., Aug 16)

August 14 2013

Who’s ready for National Rum Day? That’s right! This Friday, August 16th, is National Rum Day and Sailor Jerry wants to make sure you celebrate the right way. Check out this great new recipe for the Jerry Float, a delicious… [ read more ]

Sailor Jerry’s 101st Birthday

January 13 2012

January 14 marks the birthday of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins who was born 101 years ago but is still just as relevant as when he started in the business. To celebrate his birthday we suggest that readers take time to… [ read more ]

2012 Sailor Jerry + Inked Magazine Calendar Girls: Episode 5

January 6 2012

By now you should have your 2012 Sailor Jerry + Inked Magazine calendar up on your wall so we figured we’d wrap up our introductions to the last three girls Eva, Levy and Karen. All three ladies all have some… [ read more ]

2012 Sailor Jerry + Inked Magazine Calendar Girls: Episode 4

January 5 2012

2012 is here and we’re almost to the end of our calendar girl introductions. Hopefully you have your 2012 Sailor Jerry + Inked Magazine calendar pinned to the wall and the girls will be a part of your day-to-day. But… [ read more ]

Sailor Jerry Presents: 10 Ways to Celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day

December 9 2011

Our friends at Sailor Jerry Rum wanted to remind everybody that today is Bartender Appreciation Day. Here are some of the things you can do to celebrate:   1. Always say please and thank you. 2. Stop talking, and listen… [ read more ]

Meet The 2012 Sailor Jerry + Inked Calendar Girls: Episode 1

November 10 2011

We’re getting closer and closer to the drop date on the 2012 Sailor Jerry + Inked Calendar. So we figured it was about damn time we introduced the ladies who will be gracing the walls of your tattoo shops, office,… [ read more ]

The 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar Cover Girl is…

October 3 2011

This year’s search for the next calendar girl for the 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar with Inked Magazine brought in hundreds of entries from all over the states making for a damn hard selection process. After taking a month to pour… [ read more ]